Liver Longevity Tea


A true healing tea for the liver. Composed of the finest ingredients, this loose leaf herbal tea has the power to detoxify, restore, and repair liver function in your body. Strong enough to be effective. Safe enough to use every day.


Product Description

Heal Your Liver Safely and Naturally!

This Caffeine Free Herbal Tea Can Help Your Liver Heal From Damage Due To:
Long Term Use of Prescription Medications
Extensive Drug Use & Chemotherapy
Alcohol Abuse
Processed Foods
Trans Fats & Saturated Fats
Vegetables & Meat Antibiotics, Hormones, & Pesticides
Artificial Foods, Sweeteners, & Preservatives
Other Environmental Toxins
100% All Natural and Organic Ingredients. No artificial chemicals, preservatives, or fillers. The superior quality of the ingredients are there. Just open the bag and see for yourself!

Ingredients: Chamomile Flowers, Lavender Flowers, Milk Thistle Seed, White Peony Root, Dandelion Leaf

100% USDA Certified Organic
100% OTCO Certified Organic

Directions: Steep 1 teaspoon herbal tea (covered) in 8oz. hot water for 5-7 minutes. Drink 2 cups per day. Add 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 teaspoon honey for additional liver cleansing effect. For even greater beneficial effect, ingest the herbal tea after drinking the Liver Longevity Tea.

This product is best used with a fine mesh tea strainer. We also carry Finum Brand Stainless Steel Brewing Baskets. They will fit most teapots and mugs. They also contain a lid to cover and steep your Liver Longevity Tea properly.


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