Sciaticare Muscle Rub


Get on your way to being pain free!

The powerful ingredients in this Penetrating Muscle Rub have a warming effect. It's great to use on:
Sore, Aching and Bruised Muscles
Arthritis and Painful Joints that Ache or Hurt in Cool Weather
Strained and Sprained Tendons & Ligaments
Minor Skin Infections & Irritations

After using your Sciaticare Ball, massage our Penetrating Muscle Rub into your skin to help speed healing and relieve pain! Use our muscle rub with a heating pad for deeper penetrating effect!

100% All Natural Ingredients. No artificial chemicals, preservatives, or fillers.

Every batch of Sciaticare Penetrating Muscle Rub goes through a double infusion process and is aged for 30 days to make a potent, effective massage balm.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Cajeput, Camphor, Cao Wu, Chuan Wu, Dang Gui Wei, Fu Zi, Hong Hua, Menthol, Mo Yao, Mu Gua, Ru Xiang, San Leng, San Qi, Su Mu, Yan Hu Suo

“Empowering You With the Tools to Enhance Your Health & Wellness”

August Point Wellness is proud to introduce the Sciaticare Brand. The philosophy of Sciaticare is the same as that of August Point Wellness, which is to educate and heal both the body and the mind.


Product Description

Formulated using the power of Chinese herbal medicine, the Sciaticare Penetrating Muscle RubĀ is a soothing salve for muscle aches, strains and pains.


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