Our Mission

The Human Element
There is something intangible, yet fully present in the room with a practitioner and a patient. It permeates the air of the whole room. It is the energy created between the two people involved, the relationship. It allows for the open communication and trust that every doctor/patient relationship should exhibit. As much as science tries to discount the effect between patient and practitioner, it is a powerful part of the entire treatment plan. August Point Wellness fosters this nurturing, warm, compassionate atmosphere.

Being Environmentally Conscious
We believe that to save trees, we must save paper. Offices generate extraordinary amounts of paper that go to waste every year. Statistics say the average office worker uses 130lbs of paper a year! Yes, much of the paper gets recycled. But, why not reduce the usage of paper? There is technology available to help us reduce our paper demand. This same technology also manages the information better, reduces document search time, and improves productivity. August Point Wellness is working to be conscious of the environment and STAMPP (Save Trees And Minimize PaperPrinting) out paper waste.

We wish to:

Give the best care possible
Assist in your healthcare goals
Improve your health & wellness
Accentuate your activities of daily living (ADL)
Give you the tools to manage your own health.



Treating you with respect
Listening to your needs
Understanding your short & long-term goals
Finding the right combination of care for you