The liver is an extremely complex organ. Located in the upper right hypochondriac region, it is the largest gland in the body, weighing around 3 lbs. The liver is responsible for processing nearly every type of nutrient and carrying out over 500 metabolic functions, including regulation of blood plasma cholesterol levels. Therefore, proper function of the liver is important for health and vitality.

Luckily, the liver has an incredible capacity to heal itself. Able to regenerate its hepatocytes, the liver can regrow to its former size even if 70% of liver tissue has been removed. Clearly, this ability highlights the importance of liver function on human physiology and life.

An enjoyable way to improve the health of the liver is through natural herbal medicine.  Used for thousands of years, herbal medicine can be effective as well as gentle on the body system.  Ingesting herbs or drinking an herbal tea can aid in liver detoxification and promote or restore liver function. Below are 5 herbs that are great for improving liver function in the body:

  • Milk Thistle – contains silymarin. Silymarin has been proven to protect the liver from alcohol abuse, substance abuse and hepatitis virus. Silymarin also stimulates the repair of liver.  Studies have also shown that silymarin may help patients with type II Diabetes by assisting in blood sugar control.  Milk thistle has been tested and approved in Europe to use for liver damage.
  • Dandelion Leaf – contains potassium, calcium, beta-carotene, vitamins A and C.  Dandelion leaf can increase the output of the liver, pancreas, and spleen.  The leaf stimulates the release of bile from the liver into the gallbladder.  Dandelion leaf also produces a slight diuretic effect.  Those with allergies to ragweed may have a reaction.   The University of Maryland Medical Center states that there is supporting clinical evidence of dandelion’s effects on the liver and hepatic function.
  • Chamomile Flowers – is traditionally used to calm and induce a deep sleep.  It is a widely used herb in America for this purpose as well as to ease stomach upset. Another major use for chamomile is to relax smooth muscle spasms in the gut. Chamomile is also an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-parasitic herb. The chemical compounds azulene and guaiazulene present in chamomile were identified as being able to initiate the growth of new tissue in experimental rats which had a portion of their livers surgically removed.
  • Lavender Flowers – are typically used in culinary dishes.  Some of the benefits of lavender flowers are to aid in treating insomnia, nervous stomach, and anxiety. Other uses for lavender are to treat headaches, migraines, diabetes and insulin resistance.  Lavender’s benefits are similar to those of chamomile.
  • White Peony Root – Peony root is a highly sought after plant in Chinese medicine for its ability to relax muscle and cleanse the blood. Peony root is used to relieve cramps and spasms anywhere in the body.  White peony is used primarily to nourish the blood circulation and to smooth and relax the liver function.

August Point Wellness offers an herbal tea composed of all five of these herbs for a powerful, effective liver detoxifying effect. The Liver Longevity Tea By August Point Wellness is 100% organic, herbicide, and pesticide free and carries two certifications for organic authenticity, USDA Certified and OTCO Certified. This is a natural remedy for liver detoxification and liver protection to be used long-term as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.  Every ingredient of the Liver Longevity Tea is edible and can provide even more benefit if ingested.  Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to your Liver Longevity Tea for greater liver detox effect.

Liver Longevity Tea By August Point Wellness - 100% Organic

In combination with a liver detoxification tea, here are a few other great natural ways to detoxify your liver.

  • Eat healthy and organic foods
  • Exercise daily
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid interaction with harsh chemicals
  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners, ingredients, and food coloring