Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer consultations?

    • Yes. Consultations are free. I am happy to explain the musculoskeletal patterns that could be contributing to your physical pain conditions.
    • Email is preferable to initiate contact with me. A phone call follow up or in-person visit may be necessary to further evaluate.
  • Where is your office?

    • I offer mobile treatment service. This means that I come to you and treat you in a comfortable space of your choosing. This means that I can treat you in your office, at your home, or at your sports facility. I will need a space approximately 6 ft x 9 ft to set up my treatment table and supplies. I will travel around most of San Diego County.
  • How do you accept payment?

    • I take cash, check, credit card, Venmo, Zelle, or Cash App.




  • How long have you been doing acupuncture?

    • I’ve been doing acupuncture for over a decade now.
  • Does acupuncture hurt?

    • For some people, it hurts. For others it doesn’t. The needles are very tiny compared to what you would see at the doctor’s office. If you are new to acupuncture, I’m happy to work with you to make sure you are comfortable with the needles before we begin a treatment plan.
  • What style of acupuncture do you perform?

    • I perform the traditional Chinese acupuncture. It seems as though PT’s are using the term dry needling to separate themselves from acupuncture. These practitioners are not doing anything different. Dry needling is the same thing as traditional Chinese acupuncture.


  • Do you offer relaxation massage?

    • No. None of my massages are spa type massages. I work on musculoskeletal issues that cause pain by manipulating soft tissue. This type of massage can be painful in the moment, but is beneficial in the long run to remove adhesions, improve function, and increase blood flow.
  • Do you offer massage alone (i.e. without acupuncture)?

    • Yes, I will perform therapeutic massage for specific pain conditions, or pre-event massage to prepare athletes for competition.
  • What type of massage do you offer?

    • I have a blend of styles that include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Trigger Point, ART, & Chinese Tui Na. I will adapt to what your body needs at the time of treatment.