For many women, pregnancy comes with a list of aches and pains.  As a woman’s body prepares itself to carry a baby, her bones and ligaments adapt to support the additional weight.  This changing of body position is necessary, and at times, it can also lead to an unpleasant prenatal period.

Two of the most common pregnancy complaints that I see in my clinic are: lumbago (low back pain) and sciatica.  These are typical issues that arise during pregnancy.  Why?  First, the upper half of the body has to adjust to carrying an additional load (i.e. baby), one that increases significantly during the second and third trimesters.  The body tries to balance this load by increasing lumbar curvature.  The new weight distribution puts more strain on the low back when the woman is standing upright.  Secondly, while the baby is growing inside the womb, the hips are opening and adjusting to make room.  The woman’s hips tend to spend more time externally rotated (knees and feet pointed away from midline).  With the external rotation of the hips, the muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve get shortened.  If shortened for extended periods of time, the hip muscles can start to spasm and pinch or irritate the sciatic nerve.

I’ve spent much time treating sciatic pain and back pain for pregnant women and great relief can be found in acupuncture and massage therapy.  These are natural, drug-free ways of reducing pain and treating many issues that arise throughout the entire 10-month journey of pregnancy.

Though, sometimes a pregnant woman will have flare-ups of pain at times that make it inconvenient for her to visit my office for treatment.  To mitigate these painful occurrences between acupuncture treatments, I started looking for a way to allow the sufferer to address sciatic and low back pain on her own.

I developed a tool that allows pregnant women to treat their own lumbago and sciatica pain between their office visits.

It’s called the Sciaticare Ball.

The Sciaticare Ball is an acupressure tool, massage tool, and trigger point tool.  It treats stubborn, tight muscles that cause body aches and pains.  The Sciaticare Ball is a versatile tool that can treat the difficult sciatic and lumbago conditions.  But, the Sciaticare Ball treats much more!  Visit our website for FREE information regarding the multitude of other uses for the Sciaticare Ball:  August Point Wellness Website

I’ve seen the other products on the market.  Comparatively, the Sciaticare Ball provides more accurate and precise treatment of your stubborn muscles to: increase blood flow, relieve pain, and reduce swelling.  The Sciaticare Ball is easy to use and accommodates the reduced mobility of a pregnant woman.  The Sciaticare Ball can be used while laying down, sitting, or even standing up.  Stay healthy before, during, and after your pregnancy with the Sciaticare Ball!

The Sciaticare Ball is a serious tool for serious pain.  I highly recommend checking it out.  I’m sure you will find it to be more valuable than any other self-care massage tool you own.