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Spring Season in China

Spring is a time of year when plants and animals are bursting forth from their dormant state.  Springtime has an energy that is fresh, vibrant, youthful, and alive.  You can see this energy of spring reflected in nature.  This is the time when flora bloom and fauna come out from under the hibernation of winter.

Traditional Chinese Medicine says that the Liver is related to spring and is strongly influenced by this season.  Therefore, nourishing the Liver just before and during spring is beneficial to keeping healthy and free from disease.  A healthy Liver cleanses and refreshes the body effectively by processing toxins and removing them from the blood.  Reduced blood toxins reciprocally increases proper immune system function.

According to the laws of nature, one should focus on improving Liver function during the vernal season.  One way of doing so, is to eat more raw foods, such as fresh greens and sprouts.  These light, uplifting foods are yang in nature and work to cleanse the body of the heavy, rich and dense foods that warm the body during the typically cooler temperatures of winter.  Drink plenty of water during spring to help your body stay hydrated.  On the flip side, drink less soft drinks and other beverages, especially ones that contain artificial sweeteners and/or chemicals.  Exercise is a great way to circulate blood and nutrients through the body.  This is very important for good liver function as well as other organ function.  For those that live in colder climates, spring is when one can get outside and return to a more active lifestyle.

When Liver energy in the body is balanced, the yin energy of winter transitions seamlessly into the yang energy of spring.  In Chinese medicine, a smoothly functioning Liver is responsible for healthy immune system balance during the changing of the seasons in which people tend to catch colds and flu.

3 ways to help unburden the Liver during spring:

  • Cut out processed food.  Incorporate fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits into the diet.
  • .Eliminate soft drinks and other beverages with artificial sweeteners.  Drink plenty of water instead.
  • Get some exercise.  Help strengthen the Liver as well as all of the organs through physical activity.